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The Earliest Scouting Camera in The World--Shape like A Book
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scouting camera lect man and his collection was very rich and precious.He carryied a bundle of carpet from upstair and said to me proudly "It was used by Russian Empress Ekaterina".He specially loved camera collection. According to introduction they started collect camera since his grandfather and own a small private camera museum.He showed us around and introduce each camera's history,like the PECO camera in early stage. Due to poor camera knowlege and language barrier I only understand a little. But a  which also named spy camera interests me most.It looks like a book by puting on the glass cabinet and has flower decoration and book name on its cover.On the back of the book has a round hole,It's the camera's lens and can shoot secretly when people not discoved.The owner said it was hand-made by Dr Krugener in 1881,the earliest scouting camera in the world. The camera can accommodate 24 pieces of 4 x4 film which can fully meet the needs at that time. This camera is the ancestor of scouting camera and it's an amazing technology invent on the camera start-stage though with the big volume.

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