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IR Flash Extender IR20W of Trail Cameras

This IR flash extender can helps to brighten and improve the quality of trail camera photos and videos with 2~4X illumination w/o spooking game. Not like other normal IR camera, it is darker 90% than a normal IR flash.

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Product Description

Model No.: WT-IR20W      ITEM# IR Flash Extender

Wireless IR low glow infrared Flash booster IR20W booster is a wireless equipment that can help to brighten and improve the quality of trail camera photos and videos by increasing the flash illumination at night without cable connection. It is including two parts with a light unit and a transmitter located up to 60 feet apart in the field. This booster will be compatible for all night vision IR Camera series in the market. It is equipped with an external 6V DC power port and IR trigger port to be allowed to expend with up to 4 sets lower cost wired IR boosters.
  • Boost your camea ability to see more clear in dark
  • Enhance Image and Video with amazing quality at night.


  • Wireless connection
  • A transmitter (TR-10) snapped on IR camera, remote unlimited extenders to be placed away within 20 meters
  • 36 Low Red Glow LEDs
  • EXt-PW port for External 6V battery pack

Kit List

This package kit is including the accessory parts as below:

1. Main Unit x1 set

2. Transmitter x1 set

3. Extension Cable x1 pcs

4. Belt  x1 pcs

5.     Instruction sheet  x1 pcs

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