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How to solve the D3 camera not boot up after the upgrade?
Update Time £º 2017-02-21 View £º 5691

How to solve the D3 hunting camera not boot up after the upgrade?

If the D3 hunting camera cannot boot after the upgrade, you can determine the upgrade failed.

The reason of failed upgrade:

1. FWD3A.bin file is corrupt or not the latest official version;

2. During the upgrade process, not keep pressing and holding the OK button and tune the key to TEST;

3. Sudden power loss during the upgrade process;

4. When upgrading, set the switch to ON or OFF.


How to deal with upgrade failure?

After the failure, perform the upgrade step again:

Press and hold OK button and set the key to TEST ¡ú indicator light red light flashing, release OK button ¡ú screen light ¡ú see the version number to determine whether the successful upgrade.

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