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Our 3G hunting camera can be used for multiple purposes including hunting, security surveillance. Contact us 086-755-28068900

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Are You a Dealer of Hunting Cameras?
We are looking for dealers\distributor to sell our hunting cameras. If you have any interest please contact us click here or send email to directly.

For technical support, you can email to, or contact our sales representative whom you previously contacted,describing problem facing you, our professionals will contact you soon.
QC/Technical Support
Welltar has strict Quality Control procedure, to ensure products stability and quality, to maximize the protection of the interests of the vast number of customers.
Welltar has 5 steps testing
1. Material checking: Quality control on new materials, to sort out the qualified and rejected materials before production.
2. Chip testing: we purchase chips and test every chip stability and quality.
3. Semi-finished products testing: Make all chips which pass first tests to semi-finished products by SMT machine and test those semi-  finished products.
4. Finished products testing: Assemble all the USB flash drives, and test all products by H2 test.
5. QC spot checking: Randomly choose the USB flash drive and check the quality from the mass production.

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