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Our 3G hunting camera can be used for multiple purposes including hunting, security surveillance. Contact us 086-755-28068900

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Our Capabilities

WELLTAR has built up a powerful team consisting of talented people from various fields such as R&D,manufacturing and after-sales service,who have been in the industry for from a few years even to over two decade. Moreover we have formed a very indestructible and long-lasting relationships with our strategic partners and suppliers,which doubtless is another important favorable factor contributing to our past,present and future success.

Specifically, we have capabilities and experience necessary in R&D and manufacturing outdoor cameras.

Equally importantly,our capabilities are also reflected by our professional full-service support,our highly-trained staff from different departments can be summoned quickly, then jointly work on issues whenever customers raise.

Our Advantage

The following factors are enhancing our competitiveness and set us apart from our competitors:

1.First of all,we pride ourselves on our talented and committed people,which is the inexhaustible and sustainable resource to maintain the momentum of constant quality improvement and product innovation

. Management team: most of them have at least years of working experience in the industry and over a decade successful career in management positions in large state-owned enterprises and multinational enterprises,making them not only familiarize with the trend of development of today's input devices,but also get closer to international markets.

. R&D team: the team consists of talens in mechanical designing, software programming, automation, electronics and artistic designing, they all have years even nearly two decade of working background in the industy.

. Marketing team: they all have years even over a decade of working experience in the domestic and international sales of outdoor cameras,they are committed and responsive to customer's questions in fastest manner,they are well trained to attention take care of customers'needs.

. Other supporting team, they are well-trained and perform their duty effectively and efficiently

2.Fast reaction to market change and non-stop innovation

We always keep open eyes on the status of hunting cameras and sports cameras,and thus predict the trend of future development,once we think it necessary we will adjust our products line or launch new products by integrating new technology or optimizing designing to cater to the changed trend.

3. Flexibility and build to customers'requirements

We are flexible in reallocating our available resource to accommodate customers'special needs,they are assured that our professional staff will customize solutions for their unusual applications.

Our Unique Selling Point:

• Innovative R&D capacity

• Abundant OEM experience

• Small order are available

• Fast lead time with high quality

• Professional Service

• Warranty offered

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