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Why is D30 hunting camera so popular?
Update Time £º 2017-11-27 View £º 4152
After the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October, many customers showed great interest in our new hunting camera ROBOT D30 and urgent need for sample test. It's so popular mainly due to two new features. Here's a brief introduction of these two functions:
1, 7 kinds of photo effects optional
   There are seven kinds of exposure effects for selection, respectively, +3, +2, +1, Standard£¬-1, -2, -3.
+3 means the brightest, -3 means the darkest. This feature is combined with the ISO and the shutter to determine the 7 best results, 7 kinds of effects are available for day and night.

2, Programmable illumination
    There are four illumination optional:Auto, weak light, normal, strong illumination. Users can choose according to the strength of the ambient light photography, such as to choose strong light for the absence of light at night ,to choose weak light when there is light or sunlight, both can get a more ideal image to avoid too dark or overexposed .

Bushwhacker hunting camera always insisting original, in the future, more and more new features will be opened for you to use. Any valuable suggestion from dealer or majority of users is welcomed.

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