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"Wildlife Infrared Camera Images Show" Displayed in the National Museum
Update Time £º 2015-04-30 View £º 5005
"Wildlife Infrared Camera Images Show" will display in the National Museum underground from 2015,30th,Mar and lasts for 2 month.This exhibition will show 34  infrared cameras monitoring progress report in the form of wall paper.These wall paper comes from the first infrared cameras monitoring wildlife diversity training seminar which was held by the Institute of Animal of Chinese Academy of Sciences.The technology of wildlife infrared camera refers to get wild animals image data by automatic camera system(like photo and video),it was used to investigate the animal species distribution,quantity,behavior and so on to provide information for wildlife management and resource utilization.The technology of wildlife infrared camera is mainly used to investigate terrestrial beast and birds,and it's the most suitable way to evaluate in wildlife investigation.The exhibition contains more than 100 kinds of beasts and 150 birds from the nature protection area of Jiling Changbai Mountains,Shanxi Wutai ,Shanxi  Xizhouzhi,Sichuan Xiaohekou,Sichuan Longxi-Hongkou,Jiangxi Wuyi mountains,Yunnan Naban,etc.These real and wonderful photos will certainly bring visual enjoyment for tourists!
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