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Wild Hunting in New Zealand
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Wild hunting has always been regarded as the nobility sport.
The hunting man mainly consisted by high-end small groups because there are many countries in the world forbid hunting or controling the areas and quantities of hunting,the price is very expensive.Hunters need to pay the fee of sales tax,hunting place, service of professional guide,captured animals etc. Go to New Zeland if you wants to get prize on hunting and meanwhile enjoy the most beautiful scenery and best hunting ground.Various kinds of animals including deer,antelope,goat,pig,turkey,rabbit,ferret,wildcat,wallaby can be hunted under coach's guidence.Even if you don't have any experience of hunting,through practice can assure you that no arrow is shot in vain and therefore get fruitful quarries.April is the best season for hunting deers.Big stag can be hunted due to the oestrum. At the same time, many people give more attention to the experiece of the hunting journal just like the drinker is not care of wine.It's the different original style and features of world and unique species of animals and plant that attracts hunters.

The only mammal in New Zealand is bat.Therefore European settlers bringed in several hunt species for sports leisure.Without enemies these animals breed very quickly. In nowadays the animals quantities were controlled by secure and organized hunting,which includes deer(elk,Dharma deer,sika deer) ,antelope,tahr,wild boar,Pouch rat,goat and Paguma larvata.We suggest tourist hire professional guide because it's strength-costing in Newzeland forest and mountainous area,also the weather changes unpredictably.Besides,all ordinary caliber bullets can be provided in local area ,It's the best choice for hunters to use 270 minimum caliber gun.When you arrived in the New Zealand please declare to the customs about the weapons and they will suggest you to get permission from the aviation police.Or the local guide can provide suitable weapons if you don't want to tour with guns.
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