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Our 3G hunting camera can be used for multiple purposes including hunting, security surveillance. Contact us 086-755-28068900

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Why Choose SG990V Game Scouting Camera?
Update Time £º 2015-03-18 View £º 4446
1)How to use game camera when it¡¯s not hunting season? Let it is sleeping at home?
Bushwhacker game camera also can use as surveillance security camera

2)Do you find game wildlife camera are unable to take pictures for Amphibian cold blooded animal? Such as snake, frog¡­?
Bushwhacker game camera is OK.
Bushwhacker game scouting camera has new patented detection technology, motion detection function is useful for cold blooded animal and surveillance security/home &office security device in not hunting season .

3)Do you want a game scouting camera can take black&white pictures or videos in the dark night, color pictures or videos on daylight or Full color pictures or videos day and night, or you need a Predator call which attract animals after playing the animals voice, In order to hunt more prey and play some alarm voice,  or a camera can be taken out from their plastic case?

This Bushwhacker game camera is able to do all of these you want.

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